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Shiatsu-doh: The Path of Wellness

What is Shiatsu? Shiatsu is a form of manual therapy originating in Japan. In Japanese "shi" means thumbs and fingers and "atsu" means pressure. Shiatsu is characterized by a soothing and gentle deep pressure that is applied to various anatomical points on the body by the thumbs and palm of the hands. In Shiatsu therapy there is no use of drugs,needles or mechanical devices. It's aim is to relax and balance the nervous system and to improve one's health by stimulating the body's natural powers of recuperation. It is especially effective in removing the fatigue and anxiety caused by the daily stresses and tension of life. A Shiatsu treatment consists of pressure applied mainly with the balls of the thumbs to about 700 specific pressure points correspond to the skin, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, lymph vessels, bones and glands of the endocrine systems that lie beneath them.Pressing these points not only stimulates the skin and relieves muscular stiffness,but regulates the nervous system, aids proper digestion and stimulates blood and lymph circulation and hormonal secretion. The essence of Shiatsu lies in the use of the hands for both diagnosis and treatment. The sensitive fingertips can detect differences in temperature and stiffness, both indicators of the condition of the body. The type,degree and duration of pressure is then adjusted to meet the specific needs of each area of the body and each individual. Book with the shiatsu master Kensen Saito

Kensen's winter & spring schedule, 2018
Dec 20th 2017 - March 10th 2018 Naples Florida
March 11th 2018 - April 1st 2018 Ontario, Canada
Sunday to Tuesday Niagara on the Lake
Wednesday to Saturday Toronto
April 2nd 2018 - May 15th 2018 Naples Florida

KENSEN SAITO RMT, Shiatsupractor Treatment Fee 50 minutes $100 75 minutes $145 Hours: Wed-Fri 10-8 : Sat 10-6 TEL: 416-466-8780 E-mail: